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" Dear passengers , the terminal station has to Su Yang , please do get off to prepare ." The next day around 7:00 pm, the train uploaded to the arrival of the sweet forecast estimated the other end is also a beautiful voice . "Well, finally arrived ." Tang Guo stood up, a lazy stretch waist, a two-day train ride , really tired. During this period, although passengers who find themselves lost money , but also halfway through several stations, up and down some people, for a time , did not know the thief is still not in the car . Of course, tanggo know who the thief is still on the train , but he is assigned to money , it does not poke out . "Damn ." Just off the train , if they heard that Don Watkins glasses men cry angry voice, " paralysis , I have no money , and never do the train , Nima , so there is no sense of security ." Tang Guo smiled, ignoring the gold spectacles men , took their luggage out of the station . During tanggo have seen the beauty around them , but, tanggo have not had time to say hello , and that beauty sat a taxi departed . Near the train station , has a lot of hotel , restaurant or something, because in the evening, those neon lights are lit up , it seems beautiful. " Guys , do not you want to stay ? " At this time , a relatively glamorous dress came before Tang Guo Mei Fu , "We have a shop and consequently , there is wireless Internet access too ! " "Sister, you're talking to me ? " Tanggo left look right look , after determining there was nothing else , this asked. "Yes ah , I was talking to you ." That Mei Fu said with a smile , " just come on up and down the train , you see, late in the day , it is better to my shop one night ? " " Oh ." Tang Guo smiled , his face proud look , "Sister, you really eye vision, since I was able to see that guy , look on your part , I'll live in your store! " " Come on then ! " That Mei Fu said while pulling tanggo go toward the front of an alley , seems afraid tanggo ran the same. Soon, it went to the shop Mei Fu , and in front of the store , but also put in a sign , [ the station ] hotel . " To ." Mei Fu spoke , then opened the door to the side , then tanggo to pull into it. Lobby too small , not too big , probably ten square look, behind the bar there is a staircase leading to the second floor is . "Yes, the guy that you are still living among ordinary standard room too ! " Mei Fu came to the bar , and then asked. " I gave the talk , which is not the same as what is it?" Tanggo quickly asked , this small hotel, he did not really lived yet. " What has standard rooms , common rooms in addition to the bed , nothing ." That Meifu explained. "Oh , that standard room now!" Tanggo chose the standard room , and now he is not bad money. "Well , you go live , and so tomorrow when you go in to pay ." Meifu took out a key , " on the second floor , room 208 ." Took the key , then tanggo on the second floor, came to his room , opened the door, tanggo directly lying on the bed, although the room has everything, a TV, a computer, but tanggo tired of these things it is tantamount to the furnishings , and the common room , there is no distinction between Han . Tanggo tired, slept soundly until the next morning, before tanggo Lanlansansan sat up in bed . After the wash finished , tanggo luggage they came downstairs , ready to leave the checkout , after all he wanted to go to a city in the report yet. "Sister, how much money ." Tanggo who come from a hundred , in his opinion, this small hotel, one night one hundred sufficient. "A thousand ." That Meifu then let tanggo eat a pound , Nima , unscrupulous ah , this is too dark bar, live luxury hotels , night there is no one thousand bars. Tanggo hear very unhappy, "Sister, you are right it is too dark , one hundred , I can accept that you give me one thousand direct Ah , you think I'm good to bully you?" " Guys , I this is blatantly ah , where there lie to you ." Meifu seems to be unhappy, "This one thousand includes your accommodation, internet access, shower fees , but also you and Miss pops snapped fees, overnight eight hundred , a thousand of these add up . " Miss Lovemaking fee ? Tanggo shocked, and women themselves seemingly no lovemaking , ah, how much such a fee on it , to say a few other can accept this tanggo is not acceptable. "Hey , the other expenses I'd be acceptable , but this lovemaking fee , I can not accept ." Tang Guo said. "Our shop is the rule , whether or not you Miss lovemaking , have money , you do not , then do not blame me ." Meifu a plausible said. "I rely on , you did not say , which I know you have a special service here ." Tanggo angrily . "You did not ask ah ? " Mei Fu replied. "Damn ." Hundred Meifu tanggo threw it directly on the handle , " so much to do with you , I'm gone ." Then , Tang Guo was ready to leave, and then this time, several men came in from the outside , it looks all the more powerful look. A bald headed , tattoo know what capacity he is , as a few people behind him , are also bald , wearing all black short-sleeved uniform . "Wife, how is it?" Tattooed skinhead Meifu that came around, and then touched a Meifu chest . . " Stop it ," Meifu white bald look, and then pointing to Tang Guo said: " This kid , stay not give money ." " Uh ! " Tattooed bald shocked, he mixed in the vicinity of the train station this a number of years , no one dared to stay in his shop do not pay it . "Boy, bald brother while you feel good , and quickly gave the money to , you can stand out from here ." Tattooed skinhead tanggo came around, nodded his tanggo chest. " I've given money ." Tanggo pointing hundred bucks on the bar said . Tattoos bald look to the bar, does have one hundred , and then turn their attention to that Meifu . "You play a woman paying the money did not give it ! " Said Mei Fu came around skinhead tattoo . " Damn it, I play a woman Shashi Hou ." Tanggo very angry , he was playing bad enough , he did not play the key , and even women are not seen , play, play your sister ah play . Tag : oakley sunglasses,Oakley Outlet ,Oakley Frogskins,Oakley Frogskins,Oakley Sunglasses for Men
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